About Reaching More

Welcome to ReachingMore.com.

Reaching More is and has been an evolving company. What now is a flatbed trucking company, did not start out as a trucking company. 

Reaching More was started in January of 2000. I started it as a streaming media company. I streamed audio and video for churches and radio stations. It was just a small business that I did on the side while I worked my normal 9 to 5 job. 

In 2008 it turned into a full time internet based business. It was bringing in enough revenue that it allowed my family and I (wife and 5 kids) to travel around the the country with a van and a camper for six months.

In 2009 we stopped travelling and settled in Cash, TX. At this point, I added IT/tech support, webdesign, and hosting to Reaching More services. This was a good move because Facebook, Youtube, and other streaming services started to offer free streaming services, which took a lot of my customers.

Then, in 2014, business went way down, so I took a full time job. Reaching More then became a side business again. I kept a few streaming customers and did IT work when I could.

At my new fulltime job I managed an AC Parts website, worked sales, and in the warehouse. Everything changed when I had an accident with a table saw. I was helping rebuild the warehouse and slipped on a piece of wood. My hand landed on the saw that was turned on and that is when everything changed. 

After surgery on my hand and a long rehab and recovery, I decided to change my career and went to a CDL school. My goal was to get a Class A CDL (the school was kind of a joke).

So in 2017, I went to work driving a truck for a company in Caddo Mills, TX hauling lumber. I drove for this company for 4 months.

This is when Reaching More evolved in to what it is today. I was able to purchase a 2013 Kenworth and a flatbed trailer with the financial help of a friend. After 2 years, in 2020, Reaching More is a profitable business and is about to expand by adding another truck and driver.  As a continued part of Reaching more, I still do web hosting.